We are a not for profit community based recruiting service here to serve communities through out the U.S. Are main goal is to bring Exposure for student athletes to help them with getting an opportunity to be visisble to college/universities . Our process is simple and we started off with the athletes we coached in their youth football years. Our relationships with some of our student athletes have begun before their success on and off the field. But we have been blessed to have a big part of these student athletes future and look to maintain a high quality standard in what we do. Also we are the first website that coached and help expose the Michel brothers Marken and Sony and Dwight Davis. We are an independent source for high school sports. We are no way affiliated with any high schools or college/universities. A Non For Profit Florida Corporation.

SpeedZone Recruits Inc.

As you grow,we let the world know...

The Mission:

To give recruits every possible opportunity to compete,develop and explore their passion,while enhancing their skills to fulfill their dream.


Speedzone Recruits is a referral vehichle on student athletics of all ages. We encourage,develop and publish your activities. "SZR" was developed to bring attention to athletics(Blue Chipper or Not) that perform in the class room as successfully as on the playing field.

This is the reason why this site is up"because of the passion for sports and team work that my dad,Coach Butler instilled in me." To all our recruits, now and in the future; if you believe in yourself and have a vision and you want to continue playing sports we are here to help you make that dream become a reality.

With God all things are possible,if you only Believe.

The Vision From "Coach Butler Sr.


Some of Coach Butler Former Players

Darius Greene

Hollywood Hills 2015

Travis Greene Miami Pace

Bowling Green Univ.

Marken And Sony Michel

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