joanna russell

Joanna Russell Soph.

Dade Christian School


Speedzone Recruits Soccer

This student athlete from Miami,FL who attends Dade Christian School been a starter on the Varsity since the 8th grade. She is a Soph. now and i know her parents well. She is no stranger to atheltics because her father was a standout in football at Hialeah High in 1992 and led the county in interceptions. Joanna's mom was a very smart student since she was in grade school. But with the combination of academics and athletics Russell should be getting offers from top Colleges/Universities soon. But we are proud to bring exposure for our first soccer student athlete and while she carries better than a 3.0 she will be a great asset in College.

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Sony Michel American Heritage Plantion,FL



1,830yds Rushed 23Td's 2009

1,700yds Rushed 25 Td's 2010

Sony Michel is a young man whom i have coached from the begining in 2002 at the age of 8. I knew that with som good hard nose coaching and some time i would place him in the best situation possible so he can have a chance to succeed at the highest level. His accomplishments today comes from with in and he has a very good trainer(Mike) as well. Make no mistake Sony loves to get better and workout and that is his passion and makes him different from alot of student athletes. He will break the FHSAA Ruhing record when he graduate and with his humble mature demenor,the sky is the limit.


Johnnie Durante Dr. Krop High,FL

Athlete WR,DB,QB 2012


Signed FIU

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